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It is likely your original mortgage was the most suitable product based on your circumstances at the time, but is it still the best option for you?

Interest rates have fallen significantly and you could find that we are able to save you some money.

You might feel that you are paying a good rate, as the Standard Variable Rate (SVR) provided by the lender is quite competitive. However, we find that in many cases the SVR offered by the lender is actually higher than a lot of rates available for remortgage.

In addition many of the remortgage products offer a free valuation, free legal work for switching lender and no arrangement fee to pay, keeping the cost of remortgaging to a minimum.

It’s likely that the Bank of England base rate wont stay low forever, making it wise to secure your rate to a Fixed Rate whilst they are low.

If you’re tied in and worried about penalties, we can look at remortgaging you up to 3 months before your early repayment charge is due to finish. This way we can book your new rate ready for when your existing rate ends.

In some instances we can also save you money even if you are tied in. However, this will depend on individual circumstances, available rates and the amount of the Early Repayment Charge payable.

If you are interested in finding out whether you can save any money please contact us on 01822 615 502 or use the Contact Us facility above.



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2 days ago

Dartmoor Financial

Compare the mortgage market with your friendly neighbourhood mortgage brokers #tavistock #mortgageadvicedevon #laterlifelending

HSBC cuts mortgage rates across its entire LTV range
HSBC has slashed the rates on its fixed and tracker mortgages across its full range of loan-to-value deals, now offering what it claims are some of the best rates on the market.
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2 days ago

Dartmoor Financial

Great graphic showing the different uses for a lifetime mortgage from More2Life. If you are over 55 and have a property worth at least 70k then you qualify for a lifetime mortgage. The modern form of Equity Release. It is becoming a massive option for many and the market is dominated by 2 big advice firms. We specialise in retirement borrowing too BUT our advice fee is more than half of what they charge and we are local to you with a no pressure approach to business. We are equity release council members and are part of the later life academy. If you are considering releasing money from your home please do get in touch with us either on here or on 01822 615 502. ... See MoreSee Less

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