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Income Protection

What would you do if you were unable to work due to an accident or sickness? How would you pay your bills and your mortgage?

Income Protection is an insurance policy designed to protect your income in the event of an accident or sickness. The sum assured is the income you need per month to pay your bills and cover your outgoings. If you cannot work due to accident or sickness you would receive enough benefit to pay your mortgage, bills and other protected outgoings.

You may receive sick pay, but most employers will only cover you for a certain amount of time, this ranges between employers and can be a few days to a few years. With income protection you can choose when you want the cover to start, ensuring that you have adequate protection once your sick pay runs out.

In addition income protection doesn’t need to be expensive, as there are ways of tailoring the policy to reduce the cost, and make it affordable.


Arranging income protection can be quite complicated due to the different benefits, terms and conditions of each provider. We would therefore always recommend that you allow us to complete a full assessment of your needs. We will assess the cost, suitability, service and benefits of each policy before giving you a recommendation.When you accept a recommendation from us you can be safe in the knowledge that you have the most suitable policy to meet your needs.

Please note that we do not charge a fee for advising or arranging insurance.

For further details, quotes or specific provider information please use the contact us facility.

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Have you got your Will yet? email advice@dartmoorfinancial.co.uk to get started. #dartmoorfinancial #goodadvice
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